Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crysis 2

I'm not getting as excited over this as I was the original Crysis, but Crysis 2 looks to be at least half decent.

Unlike the original, Crysis 2 is multi-platform (PC, 360 and PS3) and as far as I know Crytek haven't released any PC screenshots; hopefully that's because they're saving the best for last for a while, but it could also mean it's just so damn disappointing to the original Crysis faithful that they don't want to show it before the rush of pre-orders from impatient fans.

A couple of 360 and PS3 screens;

We don't know for sure, but most of us are pretty convinced that the Nanosuit in the 2nd picture is pre-rendered. If it is, ah well, and if it isn't, get excited! :D

There are a few single player videos, the best one being this...

Crysis have released an "alpha" for the multiplayer portion of the game, only available for the 360. :\ My impressions on it are fairly neutral at the moment, and I don't want to judge the game before I see the PC version. But it's quite obvious already that the jump in graphics from Crysis to Crysis 2 won't be nearly as magnificent as the leap from Far Cry to Crysis. Perhaps that'll leave more room for the developers to focus more on gameplay and optimization? ;)


  1. The graphics in this game are going to be amazing.

  2. Hopefully the new computer that I'm going to be building soon will be able to handle this!

  3. haha I doubt my computer can handle this.

  4. some of the released gameplay videos make this game look promising. i haven't played the first but i might try Crysis 2

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  6. Looks really good, gonna be building a new computer soon (hopefully), cannot wait!